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Hey Hello, I tried to text Jeff and pretend that I was simply annoyed deep down I I was truly scared the seem like the beginning of a whore story I tried a request that they send me to any other prison but nothing worked my lawyer wasn't interested in my case any longer in the judge did the side me any one knew the presence of the Ortiz told me they keep an eye out to avoid any man getting frisky with me put that was it I was going out to spend the following 2 years locked up alongside nothing but men dangerous man for that matter the first couple of weeks for pure hell I couldn't stop looking over my shoulder everyone stared at me whenever I got out of my cell the only benefit I got was that I could sleep in my own personal room after all they couldn't look me up every night next to some guy he would be too risky dad that privacy didn't help me when I was in a any of the common rooms everywhere I wind creepy guys stared at me constantly everyone tried to hit on me and they would never understand when I told him to leave me alone I couldn't even take a shower without several guys staring at me.

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I wanted to cry all the time but if I showed and he weakness get wood whole be worse so I had to toughen up and pretend that nothing affected me within a couple of months things slowly started to calm down not much but it wasn't is intense as those initial weeks the guys around the prison kind of got used to having me around and also the extra security that hung out near by whenever I was outside my cell I got a bit less attention but it was never easy I felt constantly threatens and some guys try to actually grab me a few times fortunately nothing really bad happened to me that there were a few close calls how is terrified and couldn't sleep well at night I lost so much weight due to stress nothing of The Sword first I had give everything black version is the White in any Richa defender was assigned to my case study shouldn't you a very good job matter of fact I don't think we will it ride all that's why lasted last week I had done wale Dal per my sexy girl that I need my freedom it show me where it hurts my friends and I ask me.

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if I was going your breath amount how much time would be relieved I wish I didn't smarter than we are how much does a pentagon after the slap on the rest if we will face the music together instead I was sentenced to 2 years in prison the Desert Storm events this with demonstrate the visit how is going to lose to in higher years of my life when I was transferred to the present situation has the world I wasn't for a big surprise I still know this only guys around no grow inside you mean even Basava godwa man yes why so what's going on baby I was going to be taken the Grove side is a building soon realising that I was there it is stay in a believer no other women around I ask a girl out around me and I was shocked by their response tasting to surprise my lower hand hold me about it but here is a female prison was fall and I was going to have to save my time in a mail in my surprise I was terrified in Furious all the same time aC staff and pretend that.

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