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Hey Hello, I was truly scared to sing like the beginning ever horror story at HYD request simi to any other reason but nothing work my lower wasn't interested in my Kesari longer side me anyone you please tell me that keep an eye out to avoid any man getting first you with me that how is going out to spin the following two years WhatsApp alongside nothing but men dangerous man for that matter the first couple of weeks for hello I can stop looking over my shoulder everyone's Dede me whenever I gotta myself PO me when is that I got with that I could sleep in my own personal room mark me up every night next some guy he will be too risky privacy din me when I was in any of the how many rooms everyone went creepy guys today make lasted in some cameras and I was the only one in the group who's stays was visible the prosecutor came to talk to me while I was in custody she told me that if I told her who else it helps me steel those packages she would cut me a deal.

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I know wish I had accepted her offer instead I decided the Honorable thing to do is to keep my mouth shut home my case. To trial I couldn't believe that I could actually end up in jail over just a few boxes they didn't even have really cool stuff and then just a bit of clothing some videos and random stuff no cell phones are video game consoles her nothing of the sort plus I had to give everything back to it wasn't as if I ended up and richer a public defender was assigned to my case but he didn't do a very good job met her a fact I don't think he really tried at all the trial lasted less than a couple of weeks I had been mailed out by my sexy girl but I knew my freedom would be short lived at talk to my friends and they asked me if I was going to wrap them out I promised I would until they were really relieved I wish I had been smarter than that we are all messed up and could have gotten off with a slap on the wrist if we all face the music together instead.

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I was sending two two years in prison the judge told me he wish this was sent me straight and that was it how was going to lose too and tire years of my life when I was transferred to the prison I thought my situation couldn't possibly get worse I was in for a big surprise I sue notice that they were only guys around no girl in sight I mean even most of the guards warm in half myself what was going on maybe I was going to be taken to the girl side of the building soon I ended up realizing that I was there to stay and the really were no other women around I asked the guards around me and I was shocked by their response they seem to surprise my lawyer ahead and told me about it apparently the female prison was full and I was going to have to serve my time and a male jail and mention my surprise I was terrified and serious all at the same time.

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